Moissanite, Lab diamond & Equipments


Electronic Pocket Scale

Electronic Pocket Scale ( Tanita 1210N :)
Tare weight function.
Low battery indicator.
Capacity 100ct precision 0.01ct.
Dimensions 151x107x27mm.
Weight 265g.
With AC jack..

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Electronic precision Balance

Electronic precision Balance ( HL100 - D1055 ):
Capacity: 100g x 0.01g
Pan Size: Ø70mm
Weight: Approximately 500g
Rugged and Reliable Design.
Large Square Weighing Pan.
Clear LCD Display (8mm).
Accurate Reading in Wide Temperature Range.
Portable (6 Type AA Batteries, Batteries not included).
Net Weight/Stability Indication.
Low Battery Indication.
Separate keys for Power and Re-Zero.
Auto Power Off (5 minutes). AC Adapter (option).

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Diamond Tester Selector II

Real diamonds are indicated by sound and light signals. This easy-to-use, handheld gadget measures the thermal conductivity of the tested sample/stone and has an LCD display, LED lights and emits audible sounds to give accurate readings time after time.

The Diamond Selector II will beep and the scale will light up (a green light) or illuminate if the stone is a genuine diamond. It has a 7-second warm-up time and a 150-second shut-off alarm. If the tested stone is a simulant such as cubic zirconium (CZ), nothing happens (except with synthetic moissanite). It incorporates a Large/small switch for testing diamonds over and under 8 points.

Metal alert: The Culti Diamond Selector II will emit a long beep when a user accidentally touches metal rather than stone.

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Moissanite Tester

Moissonite tester ( A1218 )
Moissanite indicated with blinking red light and sound.
Pocket size 16x4x2cm.
Weight 120g.

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Dual Tester "Moissanite and Diamond"

Dual Tester ( A1220 ):
Dual tester Moissanite and Diamond
It is a complete instrument that fully satisfies both determination of pure diamond and moissanite.

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